Slogan T-shirts and Body Positivity from Plus Size Brand Zizzi

Dear Fashionistas,

summer is nearly here and as the weather gets warmer we come out of hibernation and peal off those extra layers. Well Zizzi, a new clothing brand that we carry, has the ideal T-Shirts for summer. Yep, we love a slogan T-Shirt here at Ms. SVG and these ones are all about body positivity.

The office favourite is this one, the Zizzi “We Love Curves” T-Shirt. Ms. SVG is all about women loving their bodies and this T-shirt is everything!!


But we also love these two:

The Fashion Freestyling T-Shirt is about accepting no rules in fashion. Fashion is about freedom and creativity and this T-shirt says all of that. Work a fashionable hashtag into your life #WhoSaysYouCan’t.

This one is inspired by the words of Denise Bidot and we concur completely – there is no wrong way to be a woman.

But having said all of this to get to know the brand better and understand the message behind these T-shirts check out the video below where plus size model and face of Zizzi, Denise Bidot explains the accept no rules in fashion philosophy.


Inspiring right?

So what are you waiting for fashionistas? Embrace fashion freedom and love your curves!


With Love from

Team Ms. SVG

One thought on “Slogan T-shirts and Body Positivity from Plus Size Brand Zizzi

  1. jre says:

    Dear plus size fashion designers, Please stop making these back out dresses like you aint never heard of rolls! Signed, a girl with back fat

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